All you have to do is believe….

Do you believe in BDSM?

It’s a mad question isn’t it? That something called BDSM happens is a matter of fact, not belief. So you’ll understand something  of why this article in the Grauniad’s Belief section is baffling to me.

BDSM is a behaviour, or a complex set of behaviours. It’s not a belief system.  You might believe that those behaviours are good for you, or right, or better than other sets of behaviours, but those beliefs are not intrinsic to BDSM.

Wearing your collar to work is not intrinsic to all BDSM. It is intrinsic to one person’s view of BDSM, but that’s no more privileged a belief than someone wanting to show off their tattoos at work, or to wear a crucifix.

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